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Event Affected Systems/Services Closed Posted By
Technology Services Virtual hosting Vcenter Reboot Virtual Hosting 05/22/2017 03:32 PM Technology Services
Network drive mappings unavailable to System Offices staff File Shares supported by AITS 05/22/2017 02:35 PM AITS
Library website offline Website 05/22/2017 11:40 AM University Library
Services hosted on AITS production Solaris and Linux servers are currently unavailable due to scheduled maintenance AITS - LDAP,AITS supported production messaging infrastructure,AITS web_service,Academic Human Resources website ... More 05/21/2017 01:07 PM AITS
Scheduled outage for IAM Systems during Solaris and Linux maintenance event New Hire Claiming process,Student NetID Claiming process 05/21/2017 07:15 AM AITS
Virtual Hosting Backup Service - Unavailable Virtual Hosting 05/20/2017 06:54 PM Technology Services
ADS outage ADS - Active Data Storage 05/20/2017 06:53 PM NCSA/Tech Services
Network maintenance on UIUC Research Network Not listed - please see Impact of Work 05/20/2017 10:06 AM Technology Services
Banner Financial Aid system update Banner Financial Aid 05/20/2017 10:01 AM AITS
OBFS ColdFusion test and qa services will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance ColdFusion,UIS Campus Cash Online Deposits,i-card Card Swipe Applications,i-card Public Web Site and UIN Claiming ... More 05/19/2017 09:36 AM OBFS